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7 Facts about Doflaminggo One Piece, Who Wants to Get Ope Ope

Doflaminggo is a former  Shicibukai  who Luffy defeated  during the Dresrossa Arc  , he also served as the king of the country. And here are some Facts about Doflaminggo One Piece. 

First Awakening

Fakta Doflaminggo One Piece

Doflaminggo is a Devil Fruit eater   Ito Ito No Mi which allows him to thread as he pleases, Doflaminggo was also the first to show the Awakening power of the power of a  Devil Fruit .

Afraid of Tsuru

Fakta Doflaminggo One Piece

On several occasions, Tsuru has been seen trying to catch Doflaminggo. And it seems that Doflaminggo prefers to run away from dealing with Tsuru who has the ability to eliminate this person's evil nature.

Killing His Own Father

Fakta Doflaminggo One Piece

Doflaminggo's father was a former  Tenryubitto  who decided to leave his title. Doflaminggo has his own grudge against his father, that's why Doflaminggo killed his own father and brought his head so that he could be accepted back into  Tenryubitto .

Devil Fruit Of Trebol

Fakta Doflaminggo One Piece

In a flashback that tells of Doflaminggo, it is known that Doflaminggo got the  Ito Ito No Mi Devil Fruit power  from Trebol. And the reason Trebol gave   this Devil Fruit to Doflaminggo was because he felt Doflaminggo had promising potential.

Harta Karun Mariejoa

Fakta Doflaminggo One Piece

Doflaminggo was the one who knew about the national treasure that existed in Mariejoa, even according to him if the treasure was exposed to the outside world then it would be a big news that would shake the whole world.

Dresrossa State Hostage

Fakta Doflaminggo One Piece

At night, Doflaminggo once came to see King Riku Doldo to ask for a ransom of 10 billion Belly. Because of the high price asked by Doflaminggo, King Riku asked the citizens to collect money and the money was collected.   


Fakta Doflaminggo One Piece

Doflaminggo deliberately made the   Mera Mera No Mi Devil Fruit as a gift in the Coridda Colosseum battle, this is to lure  Luffy into the battle arena. But he was surprised when he found out that in the final battle,  Luffy was replaced with someone else.

Who is Denjiro One Piece, 7 Facts Denjiro

Denjiro is one of  Kozuki Oden  's Servants who managed to infiltrate the leadership of the shogun Orochi . Even Denjiro also has a fairly high rank and here are some One Piece Denjiro Facts 

First person

Together with  Kinemon , Denjiro was the first person to become  Kozuki Oden 's Servant , but he was more impressed with  Oden  than  Kinemon   because he heard all the stories about  Oden  who was very famous in Wanokuni .

Existence Change

Denjiro's current appearance is actually very different from his previous appearance. Denjiro's change occurred shortly after he managed to survive the execution that Orochi handed down   to  Kozuki Oden . And according to Denjiro the changes that happened to him were because they were changed by a monster called anger.

Protect Oden's Children

Kozuki Hiyori is the son of  Kozuki Oden  who doesn't go to the future, he was originally protected by Kawamatsu . However, feeling like a burden,  Hiyori  decided to leave. Luckily, he met Denjiro and eventually disguised himself as a Komurasaki.

Robin Hood

Di Wanokuni, ada sosok terkenal yang suka membagikan harta kepada penduduk miskin Orang ini ternyata adalah Denjiro, itulah kenapa dirinya dikenal sering mengantuk, karena saat malam hari, Denjiro menjalankan aksinya untuk mencuri harta orang orang kaya.

Melindungi Orochi

Setelah melihat Orochi membunuh Yasuie, Zoro sempat marah besar pada Orochi, apalagi Zoro juga tau kenapa banyak penduduk yang kehilangan emosi mereka dan hanya bisa tertawa. Zoro saat itu pernah mencoba menyerang Orochi, namun serangan Zoro dilindungi oleh Denjiro.

Menyumbang Pasukan

Denjiro reveals his true identity when  Kinemon  is cornered by Kanjuro's actions Denjiro's appearance is certainly surprising if you see how much rank he has, even Denjiro also brought troops to help fight Kaido .


The  servants of Kozuki Oden are  known to have tattoos that symbolize the Kozuki clan on their backs,  Kinemon  being the first to show this tattoo. However, it turns out that Denjiro has also shown the tattoo after he managed to deceive Sasaki.

Tobi Roppo Member, 7 Facts about Black Maria

Black Maria is a member of Tobi Roppo  who can turn into an   ancient spider Zoan . Black Maria itself is synonymous with prostitutes because it has a special place in Onigashima . And here are some Black Maria Facts.  

Tato Black Maria

Tobi Roppo Member, 7 Fakta Black Maria

Members of  Tobi Roppo  besides  Ulti are  known to have tattoos on their bodies, not to mention Black Maria, she is also known to have tattoos on her body. The Black Maria tattoo is written in Kanji and is interpreted as a woman's problem.


Tobi Roppo Member, 7 Fakta Black Maria

Among the other  Tobi Roppo  members, Black Maria is the Tobi Roppo member   who is known to have the tallest body among the others. The character, who is known to be 29 years old, is known to have a height of 820 cm.

Not in Ryu Ryu No Mi

Tobi Roppo Member, 7 Fakta Black Maria

Member  Tobi Roppo  is known to be an  Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit eater , but Who's Who and Black Maria are  Ancient Zoan eaters  who are not included in the Ryu Ryu No Mi class. Black Maria herself ate the  Zoan  Kumo Kumo no Mi Devil Fruit , Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli. Which is an ancient carnivorous spider.     

Accompany Kaido

Tobi Roppo Member, 7 Fakta Black Maria

When other  Tobi Roppo  members are busy looking for Yamato , Black Maria seems to be very relaxed compared   to other Tobi Roppo members. That's because he prefers to be with Kaido and accompany the captain to drink.   

Small child

Tobi Roppo Member, 7 Fakta Black Maria

Even though she looks cruel, Black Maria actually still has good qualities, especially when it comes to small children. It was seen when he felt very sorry for Momonosuke who was brought by Kanjuro with a full wound condition.    

Trapping Sanji

Tobi Roppo Member, 7 Fakta Black Maria

Sanji  seems to have had bad luck while in  Onigashima , that's because he was actually framed by Black Maria. And because Sanji's chivalrous nature   can't attack women,  Sanji has to  be battered and beaten by Black Maria.

Aiming for Robin

Tobi Roppo Member, 7 Fakta Black Maria

The ability that Nico Robin has has made him the target of many people. This is also realized by Black Maria who intends to capture  Robin  and be used as a tool to be able to interpret the Road  Poneglyph and make  Kaido  the pirate king.

Tobi Roppo's Ulti Strength, 7 Ulti Facts

Tobi Roppo's Ulti Strength, 7 Ulti Facts

U lti is one member  Tobi Roppo , Ulti force  Tobi Roppo  itself is quite interesting because he was able to transform into  Zoan  primeval got a hard head. And here are some Ulti fakta facts


Ulti can be said to be a person who does not hesitate in speaking, this outspoken nature complements some of the bad qualities possessed by Ulti, even Ulti does not hesitate to comment on  Kaido  and  Queen  even though their rank is above Ulti.


If you pay attention, some members of  Tobi Roppo have tattoos on their bodies. However, if you pay attention, among them, Ulti is the only member of  Tobi Roppo who until now has not been shown to have a tattoo on his body like other Tobi Roppo members.   

Heading Victim

There are several members  of the Straw Hat Pirates  who have experienced the power of Tobi Roppo's Ulti  , among them are  Nami  and  Usopp  who have been hit by Ulti's header. Even  Luffy  who has also felt Ulti's stubbornness and said that Ulti's head is very hard.


Ulti has a younger brother who is also part of Tobi Roppo's group  , he is Page One who also has  ancient Zoan abilities  . Page One himself is 20 years old and 2 years adrift with his older brother who is now 22 years old.

Yamato's attack

Ulti actually had time to get  Luffy , but at that time Ulti got a crushing attack from  Yamato  to make him immediately KO. Ulti himself was very upset with what  Yamato did . Moreover, the technique that  Yamato  uses is similar to the technique possessed by  Kaido .

Nami's anger

Nami  has a sensitive nature when she sees small children suffering. Because of this too,  Nami was once very angry at Ulti after seeing Ulti slap  Otama . Even after this incident,  Nami was very brave to use one of her techniques to attack Ulti.  

Combination Attack

Big Mom  made New Homies to replace Zeus. Homies  Big Mom  's name is Hera. Although newly created, Hera is able to do a fairly good combination attack with Prometheus and Napoleon. Even the attacks of the three of them were able to make Ulti fall.

7 Facts About Akazaya Nine One Piece, Kozuki Oden's Servant

7 Facts About Akazaya Nine One Piece, Kozuki Oden's Servant

Kozuki Oden  has people who are loyal to him, they are known as Nine Akazaya which is quite famous in Wanokuni Country And here are some interesting facts about Nine Akazaya 


Kinemon  is a servant of  Kozuki Oden  who is known as the leader of the Nine Akazaya, he is a person who is very loyal to  Kozuki Oden  and his family even though in this group Kinemon's abilities   are below some of Kozuki Oden  's other servants  .


Kozuki Oden's servant   is a person who used to be considered a dangerous person and was feared by the residents of  Wanokuni , that's why when  Kozuki Oden  returned to the Flower Capital, the residents were a little restless because  Oden  returned with his servant.

Accompany Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden  once left Wanokuni Country   even though it was a serious offense, and there were several Oden servants who accompanied him such as Izo , Inuarashi and also the figure of Nekomamushi .    

10 People

Kozuki Oden's servants   initially numbered 10, and the nickname of Kozuki Oden  's Servants  known as Nine Akayaza came about because one of them,  Izo,  did not participate in Oden's attack  That's why only 9 people are famous and given the nickname Nine Akazaya.

Coming from Outside Wanokuni Negara

Not only brother and sister relationship, Kozuki Oden's waiter   there are also people who are not actually from  Wanokuni , they are  Inuarashi  and also  Nekomamushi  who is from  zou  as well as Kawamatsu  who is a fish man. 


For a long time who was the mystery of the traitor figure of Kozuki Oden's servant  , until finally the figure of  Kanjuro  was the one who became the traitor of  Kozuki Oden . And this happened because Kanjuro was from the same Clan as Orochi , the Kurozumi Clan.    


Akazaya Nine is one of the important groups that participated in the war against Kaido , but it can be seen in Chapter 1015 that there are 3 people in the group who are lying down. Even Shutenmaru has sacrificed more when protecting his friends from bomb explosions.   

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